Mexican Protesters Clash With Police

For the past few weeks, Mexico has been crippled by massive protests against a number of issues that all focus on one aspect that needs changing, corruption in the government. What began with an attempted protest has now evolved into a full blown civil movement against the government of President Enrique Peña Nieto and his ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). The conflict was started when 43 students from a radical farming college were kidnapped and disappeared by what is assumed to be a combination of Mexican local police and a local drug gang acting under the orders of the mayor of the town of Iguala. While this is only the starting point, the resulting protests have both scandalized the world as well as shaken the very foundation of the Mexican government and the faith people placed in it.

As of now, the initial localized protests have now morphed into a national movement that is using the disappearance of the 43 students as a launch point to target the increasing corruption, inefficiency, and seeming lack of care that the Mexican government has been sliding into since Nieto took office. The fact that captured gang members have admitted to working alongside Iguala police under the orders of the mayor and his wife has just added fuel to the fires that the protesters are using for inspiration and energy. While the missing students started the movement that is now encompassing Mexicans from all states and walks of life, it most certainly isn’t the only thing driving it. Corruption in all levels of government is under-fire and there is a mounting pressure to respond without violence as more and more people join the protests.

With activists and protesters violently clashing with police in a number of states and cities, it seems like things are going to get worse before they get better. The Mexican people are showing that they are tired of living in a somewhat narco-state that is fueled by corruption and rules through fear. The hashtag #Yamecanse (I am tired) just goes to show how fed up the people are and how they’re willing to risk jail and death to see an actual change in the way the country is run.

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