A “Working” Version of Thor’s Hammer Has Been Built

For those who’ve seen the Avengers or know about ancient Nordic mythology, the names Thor and Mjolnir aren’t new. Thor is the ancient Norse god of thunder, strength, and protection and Mjolnir is his magical hammer that is unbreakable, can only be used by him, and will return when thrown. The legends state that Thor is the only person who can pick up Mjolnir — if someone else were to try, they would find the hammer to be literally immovable. Obviously, this is all mythology and hammers can be used and moved by all. Or at least they were up until an electrical engineer named Allen Pan got involved.

Using some clever electrical engineering, Allen built himself a hammer that used a microwave oven transformer as an electromagnet so that when the field is turned on and the hammer is placed on metal, it becomes immovable like the Mjolnir of legend. Pan was also smart enough to link the electromagnet to a fingerprint sensor that was keyed up to his print, allowing him to turn it off by simply touching it and making the hammer moveable again. As you can imagine, this is the perfect set-up for pranks galore and that is exactly what Pan ended up doing.

The video below is from his Youtube channel and shows Pan taking his creation around Venice Beach in California and tricking people into trying to pick it up, laughing as they fail and then laughing harder as he seemingly effortlessly picks up the hammer they struggled so hard with. Check out the video below and make sure you let him know what you think in the comments! This is a great use of electrical engineering that shows it can be used for fun as well as good in this world.

If you’d like to read more, check out the link here.