As Referendum Draws Closer, The Masses Rally

Tomorrow is the day that the entire UK has been both looking forward to and dreading for years; tomorrow is the day Scotland holds the referendum vote regarding it’s independence and status in the United Kingdom. While the race was once a clear victory for those who wanted to maintain the union, it is now too close to call with the results going both ways falling into the margin of error. As the pressure ramps up and the date comes closer, representatives and politicians for both sides have increased their efforts to get their message out and sway voters towards their respective sides. With the most recent unofficial polling (that excludes undecided voters) saying that pro-independence had 48% while pro-union had 52%, both campaigns have launched into overdrive to maintain their lead and win over the voters who still haven’t made up their minds.

While Scottish independence has been a movement since the borders wars during the Middle Ages, this is the first time that there has been an actual threat to the integrity of the United Kingdom and it has many people worried. For those who were born with the UK and who have never experienced anything else, this is a momentous occasion that is leading to both formerly unseen patriotic fervor as well as crises of national being. If Scotland gained independence it would mean a number of things for both people who live there as well as for the world’s newest country. For one, Scotland would have to reapply to join the EU as well as facing the loss of the NHS, the UK welfare state, and the possibility of a number of companies fleeing Scotland and moving to England. For the people, they will now have to deal family members living in other countries and wrapping their heads around their new political reality.

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