Yaser Khalifa’s General Biography

Yaser Khalifa is a man who has had a respected and storied career in many different areas. He is a teacher, an author, a researcher, and holds an undying love for mountain biking. However he doesn’t let only one of these things define him. Yaser is a multifaceted man who enjoys every aspect that life has to offer and has found great success in everything he pursues.yaser_khalifa

Yaser Khalifa took his first steps in his professional life when he went to university. Yaser attended Alexandria University in Egypt and graduated in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science in Communications and Electrophysics. Yaser immediately followed his graduation by applying to Cardiff University, one of the top research universities in the UK. Yaser graduated from Cardiff University in 1997 with a PhD in Electronics Engineering. He wrote his thesis on Evolutionary Methods for the Design of Electronic Analog Circuits and Systems, foretelling what his eventual career would entail.

After Yaser Khalifa got his PhD, he joined the workforce and began his career in both software and engineering consulting. With his expertise, Yaser was able to jump on some truly impressive projects and was able to contribute greatly. In one of his projects, he worked with two high-tech firms that specialized in semiconductors to design and develop an embedded system that would monitor and control a chem-mech polishing process in real time.

Another example of the work that Yaser Khalifa has been involved with can be seen in his time at General Electric in their Global Research division as an Electrical Engineer Consultant. While with GE, Yaser helped develop the NextGen Air Traffic Control System. This system was meant to better ground-air communication, synchronization, sensing and avoiding, and trajectory planning.

While his office work is very important to him, there is more to Yaser Khalifa than what he has accomplished in offices and research labs. Yaser is also an extremely popular professor, a prolific inventor, and a prodigious author of books and articles. He takes an all encompassing approach to his profession and it shows. Yaser has had over 20 articles published in a wide variety of scholarly journals, along with book reviews he has written. He has a book that was published in 2012 and a host of awards to his name. He won the Distinguished Professor of the Year award from 2006-2008 while teaching at SUNY New Paltz.

When not working, Yaser Khalida indulges in his other passion, mountain biking. He has been a volunteer mountain biking guide at the Mohonk and Minniwaska State Parks in upstate New York for the past 7 years. He uses this both escape the stress of work as well as to get out in nature and appreciate the beauty it offers us.